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Through all of the companies' growth, we have maintained the "no job is too big or too small" attitude.

Review our list of services below and if you don’t see what you need gives us a call or make an inquiry through our site.

Directional Drilling

Directional Drilling

  • Offering a range of boring sizes from 4”-20”
  • Installation of single or multiple ducts/pipes/product
  • Installation of HDPE, PVC, and steel pipe

Chain Trenching

Using our high-strength heavy-duty equipment, we can cut into the ground and install utility lines without having to dig up your entire property. The trenches will have smooth walls free of rocks and other obstructions that could damage underground ducts/pipes over time.
● Recommended for clients needing narrow trenches
● Chains can cut through hard ground
● Fast installation and can be done all year-round

Backhoe/Trackhoe Services

  • JD 310 Rubber tire backhoes
  • Komatsu PC 138 excavator
  • JD 35D mini excavator
  • JD 50D mini excavator
  • Bucket widths from 14”-42”
  • May be used for a variety of applications
cobra drilling hydrovac services

Hydrovac Services

  • Daylighting of utilities
  • Slurry removal (non-contaminated only)
  • Up to 200’ of remote hose available to access hard to reach work areas
  • Steaming/pipe flushing

Skidsteer Services

  • Smooth and toothed buckets
  • Trench compactor
  • Auger attachment
  • Sweeper attachment
Picker Truck Services

Picker Truck Services

  • Base/light pole installation
  • Delivery services available

Pipe Fusing

Pipe Fusing is the process of joining two separate pipes by melting the ends of the pipes and then attaching them together using a welding machine. This process makes it easier to clean and maintain your pipes, as there would be no potential leaks in the future.

Our onsite fusion services include:

● Full inspection of all pipes and fittings from certified and trained technicians
● Use of electric hydraulic machine or self-contained track mounted machine with generator
● Data logging and quality assurance
● Repair services

Cable Splicing

Cable Splicing and Activation

Our team has extensive technical knowledge in the field of cable splicing and cable activation.
The process of connecting two or more cables together by connecting their ends in a specific way is called cable splicing.

Splicing is quite a complicated and delicate task, so it is best done by professionals who have access to specialised tools. Our technicians will also activate your newly spliced cables.

● Fibre optic cable splicing (manual or mechanical)
● Fibre optic cable splicing using a fusion splicer machine
● Electrical cable splicing
● Full system splicing, testing, and activation

If you have specific needs related to the services we offer, please contact us for a consultation.

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